Ride the e-learning wave



  • Unhappy key accounts
  • Customers don’t understand your value proposition
  • Inaccurate forecasts
  • Weak forecasting skills
  • Low sales force motivation
  • High sales force¬†turnover
  • Sales results not aligned with company strategy


  • Customer value matching
  • Value word equations
  • Forecasting fundamentals
  • Intermediate forecasting
  • Compensation plan design
  • Quota setting

The E-learning Advantage

  1. Start immediately. Visit our e-learning portal now and start a course.
  2. Learn by watching; let us show you how.
  3. Tap the latest thinking; don’t wait years for a book to be published.
  4. Utilize the latest technology: instructor videos, screen recordings, voice-overs, interactive exercises, quizzes, etc.
  5. Download spreadsheets and databases, replicate the calculations, then apply to your own situation.
  6. Move at your own pace, and learn when convenient for you.
  7. Spend much less than in-person training.
  8. Track progress through quizzes.
  9. Avoid boring books and tons of technical jargon.
  10. Get certified, and download a graduation certificate at the end of the course.